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Get your daily Miilk from Stockman Paper Merchants

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We are happy to announce the arrival of our latest 80gsm Copy Paper, Miilk Copy.

Available in A4 and A3

Miilk has been Koreas number one selling copy paper for printing, office and houshold use for many years and now you can get your daily Miilk from us.

Miilk copy paper has a stiff and smooth texture plus excellent thickness with optimum whiteness.

The Mill follows strict enviromental practices including;

Chimneyless plant 
The Mill receives the waste heat from a nearby smelter in the form of surplus steam for re-utilization. It is not necessary to use boilers during the manufacturing process and preventing the creation of carbon dioxide, it is pioneering ‘environmental management’ by materializing a chimneyless plant.

Environment-friendly raw materials selected. Pulp produced in certified afforestation region is used.
Environmently-friendly raw materials that have undergone ECF/TCF process without chlorine are used. 

Your Daily Choice, Miilk