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Calder Design, a winning team

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Calder Design has been creating graphic design in Perth, Western Australia through every step of the communications technology revolution.

But before our designers pick up a mouse or stylus, we address the brief using the principles of communication, colour, typography, psychology and human behaviour to develop an insight into the client’s needs, and what will make the consumer respond to them.

Our designs come from the mind, not just from the applications we use. We produce great looking brochures, press ads, websites, point of sale, packaging and corporate identities – and we create marketing and advertising communications that work, based on over 30 years of experience in talking to real customers and generating real results.

When briefed to produce the ATCO Australia Company Profile we had to keep a few things in mind which were that we had to be innovated in our approach and yet conservative in appearance. We needed the profile to be informative, clean and have a professional look and feel....not too cluttered and had to be approved by their head office in Canada. 

While going through the design process we are constantly thinking of elements and effects that will help embellish the job. One of the first things we look at are what stocks to use. We straight away thought of HannoArt Gloss. From past experiences we know that it's a great stock to use. Has a good whiteness to it and is great to print on.

To go with that we then looked at the printing processes we wanted to use keeping in mind that we didn't want the job to look too over the top. 

We opted to produce the job out of CMYK plus Metallic Silver with the use of a gloss and matt drip off varnish throughout the text. The Cover had an additional matt laminate and gloss UV Varnish applied to it. Stocks used were HannoArt Gloss 350gsm for the cover and HannoArt Gloss 200gsm for the text.

The client loved the finished product as well as their head office in Canada. We were asked to provide production information to their creative department as the end result was very impressive.

The profile also managed to receive a Bronze PICA recently at the 2015 PICA Awards. Many thanks to Scott Print and to Stockman Paper for great products and support you both supply.

What tip would I give anybody who is looking for the right stock for their next project? Listen to what the client wants is the first thing. The look and feel of a job relies so much on what it's printed on.

Talk to your printer as they are quite happy to help you on what stocks and techniques would suit certain jobs, as well as talking to a reliable paper supplier such as Stockman Paper Merchants.

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